Build trust through repetition: show your best content to prospective students who visited your website

A while ago, we published our “How ready are you for international student recruitment” calculator, which allows University marketers to assess how well they do in Strategy, Data, Attraction and follow-up.

In total, we received 21 serious takers so far.

One of our questions was:

Question 17: We re-engage prospective students who have visited specific web pages (remarketing) in the following ways…

Answer: Only 43% state they are using Facebook sponsored posts to show posts to prospective students who earlier visited the website.

Why care about Facebook remarketing?

  • Get around clogged inboxes. You may be e-mailing prospective students, but you can be assured they’re in touch with several other Universities as well.
  • Not everyone leaves their e-mail address when they visit your school website.
  • Facebook remarketing is relatively inexpensive. Especially if you already have some sort of Facebook advertising going on, it can be rolled into that project/budget. After the one-time set-up, it’s like any other Facebook campaign.

How to set it up?

Facebook remarketing can get very advanced. But with a simple setup, you can capture most of the advantages. If you can secure sufficient access, you can set it up by yourself. It requires no coding.

In the below slides, I explain the entire set-up process step-by-step.

And here is the video.

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