68% of Universities is not making data-driven​ marketing decisions. How to get started?

A while ago, we published our “How ready are you for international student recruitment” calculator, which allows University marketers to assess how well they do in Strategy, Data, Attraction and follow-up.

As University marketers filled in the surveys, we had a unique chance to look at the aggregate answers. In total, we received 19 serious takers so far, and one of the findings shocked me:

Question 10: We are currently making data-driven decisions to maximise our marketing campaigns.

68% responded with “no” or “not sure“.

It’s shocking because it doesn’t take much to get started making data-driven decisions. It’s a matter of (1) having some usable information available about what worked, and (2) consulting that information when deciding what to do next.

This doesn’t mean you need to implement a CRM from scratch.

Most institutions already have Google Analytics running. It just takes a few steps to start keeping track of how prospective students who fill in a form, found out about you in the first place. You need to set up goal tracking.

It takes no new software, and in many cases, no coding. The below slides explain step-by-step how to set it up:

And here is a video with me going through the steps.

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