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Student recruitment isn't just any old marketing. Whether you are trying to recruit students for a 3-year degree programme or a short cooking workshop, you need to build enough trust for people to choose to spend their valuable time with you.

It's our commitment to support you all round in effective ways to reliably and predictably recruit the best students.
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Be there whenever your ideal student is searching. We manage both paid and organic search campaigns.

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Strategy Enablement

Be on top of marketing strategy execution with key metrics in a real-time dashboard.

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Digital Marketing

Get your story out through Facebook, YouTube, E-mail and other channels.

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Put your budget and effort to maximum use. We identify and streamline bottlenecks.


We empower people

As an education provider, you know who will do well at your institution and who might struggle.

We strive to support you in attracting the RIGHT students in the most effective way.


ABH Mehedi

Campaign Optimisation
My strength is in analytics, numbers and optimisation.

Yuen Cheok Hoe

Account Management
I believe in building trusted relationships. That’s my style of doing business.

Guus Goorts

Campaign Management
What drives me? Success. When I make others successful, I feel most fulfilled.

Candy Lee

Business Development
Some see digital marketing as glamorous. I don’t. My work is all about making my clients successful.

Jonard Reyes

Marketing is no longer about pushing your message out there. It’s about cultivating great relationships with prospective students.


How likely are you to meet next year's international student recruitment targets?

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